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February 6, 2011

Let us introduce ourselves

This blog is the homebase of the Armenian and Azerbaijani Women’s Narratives Project, a project sponsored by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation as part of its “Unbiased E-Media Coverage in Armenia and Azerbaijan” program.

Whether in conflict, in peace or in the current state of no-peace, no-war, women’s voices on both sides of the Armenia-Azerbaijan border are rarely heard in mainstream discourse. Women often feel like they don’t have a voice whether it be in their personal and family lives, in their community or in the affairs of their country. Furthermore, it is important for women to hear other women’s stories. This lets them know that they are not alone and that those on the other side of the conflict also have their stories, often quite similar to their own. In our joint Armenia-Azerbaijan project we want to create an opportunity for women from both countries to tell their stories and hear the stories of other women (notably from the other side of border).

Over the past few months, two teams of journalists, writers and bloggers in both Armenia and Azerbaijan have interviewed women of different ages and backgrounds, both in the capitals of Yerevan and Baku and in the regions. We asked them about their lives, their hopes and wishes for themselves, their families and their countries. These interviews are now being transcribed, edited and translated so they will accessible in three languages: Armenian, Azeri and English.

Over the next few weeks these interviews will gradually appear on this blog.