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April 4, 2011

I always want to leave and go somewhere but I know that I will always want to come back. I am feeling good here, I feel attached.

The interviewer (Nikki Kazimova) met Yelena Hagverdiyeva for an interview on February 8, 2011. Yelena is a successful painter whose works (as well as her late husband Ujal Hagverdiyev’s) are displayed in the Azerbaijan’s Museum of Modern Art and have made their way to many private collections around the world.

My name is Yelena Rafailovna Hagverdiyeva. My maiden name was Isakayeva and my husband said that I could keep it when we were getting married, but I am stubborn as all Tatars and I’ve changed it.

I have one son. When Ujal and I had just gotten married, we weren’t sure if we wanted to become parents right away. But then one year passed and another year passed and we still did not have a child, so I started visiting doctors and all that but it seemed to be hopeless.

But then one day we traveled to Sheki and we saw a small church in the village of Kish. We decided to walk there, it looked like it was a short distance away but we walked for a long time and got there by the afternoon. Ujal had a long beard and long hair and I was wearing a traditional “kelagai” and was young and beautiful (laughing). Lots of kids were swarming around us and we asked them to show us where the church was, so they took us there by some tiny roads.

It was an amazingly beautiful Albanian church. And there was a woman there who said to us that it was a magic church which is why it had survived through the ages. Everyone who had some problems or maladies came there to make a wish. She told us to take a coin and place it on the wall. If the coin sticks, the wish will come true. So we got a coin (back then it was a Soviet kopek) and gave to her and on the third try the coin stack. She turned to my husband and said “You will have a son!” and after one year we had our son. After that, we visited the church every year.

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